Sunday Services

  9:15 AM Sunday School (classes for all ages)
10:30 AM Morning Worship
  6:00 PM Evening Worship

Wednesday Night

  7:00 PM Adult Bible Study & Prayer
  Frontline Clubs (ages 3-5th grade)
  Youth Group (6th-12th grades)

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3200 Ridge Road
Westminster, Maryland 21157

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Our Purpose

The Purpose of our church is to Glorify God -- Ephesians 3:20-21


I.    The Local church should glorify God in its Worship

– Savoring God – Acts 2:42

A.    Worship involves doctrine (Mt. 28:20; Ro.16:7; 1Ti. 4:6, 13, 16)
B.    Worship involves fellowship (2 Co. 8:4; Ga. 2:9; Phi. 1:5)
C.    Worship involves communion (Ac. 2:41-2; 1 Co. 11:23-32)
D.    Worship involves prayer (Mt. 18:18-19; Ja. 5:14)

II.    The Local church should glorify God in its Work

– Serving God – Ephesians 4:11-16

A.    We should exercise our spiritual gifts in ministry (Ep. 4:11; Ro. 12:4-8; 1 Pe. 4:10-11)
B.    We should equip the saints for ministry (Ep. 4:12a)
C.    We should edify the body of Christ (Ep. 4:12b- 13; Ro. 14:19; 1 Co. 10:23)
D.    We should educate the body of Christ (Ep. 4:14; Ti. 2:4-5; Co. 3:16)

III.    The Local church should glorify God through its Witness

– Sharing God – Matthew 28:19-20

A.    We witness with our life (Mt. 5:16; Ep. 2:10; 1 Pe. 2:9)
B.    We witness with our words (Ac. 4:13-31; Ac. 26)
C.    We witness in our worship (1 Co. 14:23-25)